OnyxQueen Media CEO is featured in Voyage ATL Magazine

Hustle...it's all I know. That is what I was born into. None of my Grandparents or even Greatgrands had traditional jobs and always found a way to work for themselves. This gave way to my parents who always had a second job or side hustle. Remember that 'In Living Color' skit about Jamaicans having 10 jobs? Yeah...that always made me chuckle, because it is SO true! That was my family...Lol! This was always my life from a kid growing up in Jamaica, Queens...NYC. Yes. I went to college...earned two degrees...but that doesn't prepare you for the real world. I didn't start really living until I let go of the idea that I HAD to follow a specific path...get a certain job and retire with xyz money in the bank. I knew Corporate America would not last long for me because I kept trying to fix them. No one was interested in the fix, they just wanted the easy band aid for the moment. Everyone was comfortable. Satisfied with flying under the radar...because it was easy. That NEVER worked for me...I have always been relentless!

I don't cut corners to success and I can't stand gimmicky branding. I love clever and relatable content...never cheap and fake. Nope...Not on my watch. I am A Fixer. I am A Connecter...The Plug! If I don't know...I will learn or connect you with someone who is super dope at what they do! But in this business, you have to EARN it! Favors for the lazy are not fair. You have to work hard AND invest in your field. Never stop learning and keep people around you who don't tell you what you want to hear. Keep those real ones...who know how to check you, but with LOVE!

Small businesses like mine don't often get a spotlight on them without a lot of self-promo...so I am thankful to Voyage ATL Magazine! This feature means a lot when you are out here on your grind and think no one is watching. 
Special thanks to @bns.events for paying it forward! 


Click this link to read the article: http://bit.ly/voyagemagonyx

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